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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
Adam2016-05-15 20:51:41
Collection items from empy galaxy space

Beta... ??? Let's test it.

Adam2016-05-15 21:04:01
A little explanation required:

Send Scour ship for empty galaxy space.
You have 25% chance to find an item for collection of 100 different items.

Exchanging items between players will be added.

user#3742016-05-15 21:14:07
item are collectibles only or are usable in game?

Adam2016-05-15 21:23:00
Only collectibles at the moment.

Adam2016-05-16 17:28:28
I don't know if you guys noticed, but you can find Wi-Fi signal in deep empty space, how awesome is that!!! :)

user#3742016-05-16 17:31:11
a deep space Facebook connector?

Adam2016-05-17 10:23:42
For all collection bad luck users.
I sent over 20 scours and no item found, so I started to register randomized number.

Everything seems to work fine, just a very bad luck.
Log in collection tab...

user#3742016-05-19 10:55:40
the bad luck never ends... i think i'm over 30 failure...
i got 2 level of Archeology exceding the table limit that is 10.
Is correct?

Adam2016-05-19 11:09:23
Yes it is correct. It stops at 40 despite it is already overlimited.

About your bad luck - maybe you want it too much :)
If I want something very very much in games, RNG alway fails for me.

user#3742016-05-19 11:15:15

user#3742016-05-19 17:35:46
I can confirm about bad luck, i was waiting for items and got none i stopped expecting for new items and woohoo now i have a lot :)

Adam2016-05-19 21:48:06
I experimentally decreased exchange to 1 day.
There was 3 days cooldown before because I was afraid we complete our collections in 2 weeks :)

user#3742016-05-19 21:51:18
with the luck i have, 2 years is a better prevision :-)

Adam2016-05-20 20:32:22
I removed time completely...
In case we fill collection too fast I have next 50 items prepared.

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