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dark matter
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Guide for beginners

Some advices for faster progress.
This is a short guide for how to expand your empire and progress faster and most efficient way.

- you start with one earthly type planet

First 1-3 days:
- start research Colonization technology up to level 6+, it will give you 6 additional planets
- in the same time start upgrade resource buildings on all planets
- start all TASKS and check this tab from time to time to get points and restart
- in the meantime get familiar with GALAXY tab - there is a separate guide for galaxy section; launch your probe and scour ships repetitively
- start all free (green) ships
- use "adds 1 planet" artefact
- use "adds 1 moon" artefacts and start build your moons
- use the rest of free artefacts smart (you can get 1 free artefact every hour)
- do not use "Build ALL shortest time" auto-build option yet
- do not build any logistic buildings
- do not upgrade buildings with 0 resources output
- do not waste time and resources for other technologies (researches)

Next days:
- soon or later you'll probably experience a lack of resources - you just have to wait for them
- continue leveling resource buildings and Colonization technology
- next most important technology is Archeology - you can start leveling it
- if your resources storage reach 2 mln each you are probably ready to build Shipyards
- build 1 or 2 Shipyards on every planet and send all ships for missions
- from now on you start getting artefacts from missions

Next step:
- if the amount of resources is not a problem anymore you can start to use "Build ALL shortest time" automat (see options)
- build also zero-resources factories as well as over limited logistic buildings - you will need all the levels later for sacrifice
- start to learn all technologies
- upgrade all Shipyards to level 4 or 5
- ships and artefacts are now most important part of the game, as well as galaxy civilization artefacts

Next targets:

- get 50 planets

- using artefacts get all your technologies to max limit

- finish moons to increase resources income and planets levels

- if you maxed Artificial Intelligence technology, you can start to support Mega Discovery, but remember! - do not spend all your resources to Mega Discovery - your resources should growth all the time (or you can wait to master AI for less resources need)

- upgrade all Shipyards to level 7 or 8. This will give you 400 ships

The next most important step is getting all your Masters to maximum. To get master points you have to sacrifice (destroy) planet with 140 levels on it (buildings + moons)

How to distribute master points:
- most important is get Master of Colonization to maximum (20 points)
- next one is Master of Android to maximum - much faster building!
- another one is Master of Moon Economy to max
- if you visiting the game page very often next one should be Master of Moon Logistics
- the rest is your decision

If you maxed Master of AI you can start deliver resources to Mega Discovery.

In the meantime keep upgrading you galaxy planets to Advanced Technology 4 and also exchange full collection groups for artefacts.

This is where the end-game starts.

Enjoy the game!

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