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dark matter
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Galaxy guide

Galaxy section is kind of artefact generator with a lot of fun and frustration upgrading planets :)

This is whole galaxy view. Yellow areas shows the sector you already have a planet in.
Every single gray pixel on this image is one planet.
Choose a random sector then choose a random unoccupied planet and send your space probe there.
Space probe mission time is only 1h.
After arrival, you discover a planet with random level of terraforming (possible levels 0-8).

There are 4 types of ships:
Space probe - for discovering new planets. Mission time: 1h.
Scour ship - send it to an empty space between planets to find collection items. Mission time: 45m.
TEC - is the shortcut from Terraforming-Evolution-Civilization. With this multiuse ships you can upgrade your planets to higher level. Mission time: 4h or 2h after upgrade fail.
Destroyer - with this ships you attack hostile civilizations. You can attack your own planets as well as other player's planets. Mission time: 4h.

At first - galaxy planets have nothing in common with your resource planets!
Every discovered planet has four stages: terraforming (lv 0-8), evolution (lv 9-16), civilization (lv 17-24) and advanced technology (25-28).
Upgrading to next level takes 4h, and after upgrade fail only 2h.

When you upgrade a planet to lv 24, it's time to Advanced Techlogy. This is the part when you take a risk.
AT upgrade time is instant.

Advanced Technology level 1
Upgrade success chance: 100%
Reward: 1 artefact a day

Advanced Technology level 2
Upgrade success chance: 95%
Reward: 3 artefacts a day
When failed - civilization of the planet become hostile at level 3
After defeating hostile civilization, planet back to Printing Press (lv 21)

Advanced Technology level 3
Upgrade success chance: 85%
Reward: 6 artefacts a day
When failed - civilization of the planet become hostile at level 6
After defeating hostile civilization, planet back to Bronze Age (lv 19)

Advanced Technology level 4
Upgrade success chance: 50%
Reward: 20 artefacts a day
When failed - civilization of the planet become hostile at level 20
After defeating hostile civilization, planet back to Stone Age (lv 17)

This tab contains all hostile civilizations from all players.
You can send your destroyers to attack your hostile civilization.
Also you can help other players in attack, but in this case you need to have 5 resource planets.

After defeating hostile civilization, upgrade of this planet is shorten to 2h.
Every upgrade fail increases further upgrades chance by 2%.

Take reward reset is at midnight Central European Time.

That's it.
Good luck with upgrades!
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