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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
user#3742016-03-29 14:58:53
Overnumbered planets of players without "spent" master points

Hey Adam, please fix the details after you change a game system because if you don't do something after each change, the game's balance is going to break.
For examples:
- You've changed resource artefacts' balances after a lot of people used them and gained a lot of resources. And while i was collecting them to get a lot of resources but couldn't because of the change, this is unfair.
- The bug with "planet artefact 'use all' option to get more than 50 planets" is fixed yes, but you didn't remove the planets of the users who used this bug.

user#3742016-03-29 15:04:41
I have sacrificed the over number planets I had

user#3742016-03-29 15:06:21
Okay then, i don't know if there is anyone else used that bug

Adam2016-03-29 15:12:32
I just browsed top players and if I'm not mistaken only Azoth has 2 extra planets with no MP. The rest of players are OK.
I don't wanna delete these 2 planets, it was my fault and let these planets be reward for Azoth :)

Adam2016-03-29 15:25:03
About the first point.
This is exactly why I exchanged these artefacts. People was collecting them to get free resources.
I know some players have now too much resources because of it - for example - my account "Adam" is totally unbalanced and will be reset.

I'm sorry you collected them and now they do something else. The good thing is, now you have "right" number of resources, with no percentage growth.

Now I'm worry more about the galaxy, because soon players gonna generate like 300 artefacts per day...

user#3742016-03-29 15:39:04
I did have 12 more then I shoukd about 20 minutes ago

user#3742016-03-29 16:29:38
I'm sorry too, Adam. Now i see it's time to stop playing this game.. I hope one day this game will be fair and well-balanced.
Happy playing!

user#3742016-03-29 16:53:22
Dimaachaerus it was only me I bought my planets down to the maximum numberits all fair

user#3742016-03-29 17:41:37
I'm okay with that, my friend :) I meant the other problems like the game's broken balance because of the late updates

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