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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
user#3742016-03-05 14:17:51
New players tip

Advice for all new players -when you have a few planets go to options at the top of your screen and change after pressing build highlight the next available planet this is a hell of a time saver when you have a lot of planets.

user#3742018-08-11 20:50:16
More advice: When viewing a planet, the resource list is at the top. Resources in green mean the planet gives you more than normal—it’s a good idea to level these up especially. Ones in red mean you can’t get them from this planet, so DON'T BUILD THEM. Seriously, I wasted a ton of resources at the start trying to get them. For example, on a metallic planet level up metal and energy, but not dark matter. Earthly planets have no bonuses or lacks, so they're best for either logistics or whatever resource you have a shortage of (if you don’t have a planet that’s good for that one yet).
Sorry for the long post and/or if it seems like I’m insulting your intelligence.

Rindlet2018-08-19 19:28:42
I use build all shortest time option.
I find it much easier to work with, plus it doesn't build the buildings with no resource value when building resource buildings, plus, you can tell it not to build.certain buildings if you need that function.
Just go to options and check the show BUILD ALL SHORTEST auto build option in planets list (only for advanced players in the late game).

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