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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
user#3742016-03-04 22:08:21
artifact chance

Something seems strange with the chance of discovering artifacts.

I'm looking at my odds, and it works like I would expect. There is the base chance of artifact discovery from when I started the game, plus the levels in archaeology that I have researched.

But when I look at Adam's ships, he only has a 15% chance of finding an artifact. And he has 15 levels in archaeology!

Based on his ships and my ships, damage levels don't seem to factor into it.

So what is going on? Should I expect my artifact discovery odds to taper off or be reduced in the late game?

user#3742016-03-04 22:16:09
You do not need to research archaeology after lvl 10 as the Max is 15% however as bad luck would have it the random research artifact still adds a lvl to it from time to time also Adam may have a lot of lvla in warp drive (I did not look before writing) this may make his ship quicker then your a also out of every 500 ships or so he has he has a potential to find 75 artifacts

user#3742016-03-04 22:22:51
Ah, thanks! That makes sense.

I suppose if there was a master category for archaeology added, those extra levels would become useful later.

I guess this also means once I hit one more level, there will be no more reason to hold back on using my ships. Probably over cautious playing, on my part.

user#3742016-03-04 22:27:30
Its ok I.m still learning myself ... I do wonder how Adam(admin),advance logistics research is so high compared to the rest of his research

user#3742016-03-04 22:33:22
he might hoard "complete actual research" artifacts and use them on that.

it would make sense to use them on whatever your highest research area is.

user#3742016-03-04 22:39:19
That's what I would try to do it.s just look,s like the cost to start the research is astronomical.

Adam2016-03-08 10:48:47
Karlos - thanks for explanation.
Lets assume:
- ship damage doesn't decrease/increase artefact chance
- artefact chance is base 5% + archelology 10%

About my high level in Advanced Logistic. This is the only technology with no limit. I used a lot of "Random research level up" artefacts hoping to get this technology.
The rest of techs have limit, so even if you use "Random research level up" the level of technology doesn't increase anymore.

user#3742016-03-08 13:38:24
There is a planet bug I can go over 50 without master's.

Adam2016-03-08 14:00:20
How did you do this: by artefact or research?

Adam2016-03-08 15:41:53
OMG!!!! :) LOL
This was one hard bug to find!!!!
Took me like 2 hours of analyzing scripts. I track your activity by your IP and finally find out what is wrong.
I just haven't protect the possibility a player is already near planet limit (50) and use "add planet" artefact with USE ALL option - that where this bug occurs :)
Thank you for reporting - already fixed!!!

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