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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
user#3742016-02-12 21:12:32
Sacrifice planets

Hi there, i am a new player and this game is very nice in my opinion. I am requesting an introduction about how the Planet Sacrifice System / Feed Stars system works.
Also how can i earn any star?
For example: If Star earn is with sacrificing, how much matter shall i sacrifice to complete one star?

Adam2016-02-12 22:02:21
Hi Dimachaerus!
You don't get any stars. You just deliver matter to all stars of specified type. Then the sum of all stars matter gives you the black hole mass.
And this is way to early to think about scarifying planets. First get 50 planets, then upgrade them to levels 140+. Most reasonable planet to sacrifice is level 150+, this way you get a lot of matter.

For now the only use of matter sum (black hole) is ranking position, but I'm gonna make a better use for this in the future.

I should add explanation of star system in the guide, so thanks for asking.

Adam2016-02-12 22:06:38
And example of scarify planets:

Planet levels 32 gives 16.384 matter
levels 99 gives 387.060 matter
and levels 148 gives 1.193.254 matter
so it's worth waiting :)

user#3742016-02-12 22:51:23
Hey Adam! Thank you so much about these informations :)
I'm going to wait. And you're welcome, thanks for updating this beautiful game often :)
Also may i ask for some planet artefact? (I saw you sent me one before, very thanks :) )
Is there any way i can directly contact with you?

Adam2016-02-12 23:44:30
Promise to give you artefact as soon as my waiting time pass - I know, I'm the admin and I can generate thousands of artefacts, but no cheating :)

You can contact me on e-mail: alone22@alone22universe.net
(remove digits from address)

user#3742016-02-12 23:55:18
Hahahah you're right! no cheating of course :)

user#3742016-03-04 12:58:13

Can you please clarify the planet sacrifice a bit?

I understand the purpose is to renew your ships, but how exactly does that work?

Does the matter get applied to reduce damage status in some way? What is the ratio?

Is there a 50 planet cap?

I've been hoarding ships a bit without flying missions, with the intention of raising my archaeology first. This should give me more use out of the ships before they get horribly damaged, correct?

user#3742016-03-04 13:24:02
Hi not sure about ships ect

But yes there is a normal 50 planet limit but if you get a planet to lvl 150 and sacrifice it you can get a master point that can increase your maximum number of planets . not sure if the first one cost.s 1 point the second lvl 2 points ect .

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