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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
Adam2015-11-22 13:58:57
Feel free to comment

This game is quite new, so feel free to comment, discus, report any bug.
Multi-account is allowed if you want to test it more.
Any comment is very useful to us.

user#3742015-11-22 17:33:26
Looks interesting, good luck!

user#3742015-12-31 11:50:25
I hope I post this in the right place.

After the building on my planet is complete, it would be nice if the planet page is refreshed, this way right now, I have my completed building saying "complete" but I can't click on the next one I want to build, I have to go to the main screen, and then again on my planet to get the list of available options.

Its not what I would usually call a bug, but more like a feature :) I see there is a "refresh" button and all, this is just my two cents on the matter.

Adam2016-01-09 09:55:29
I understand your problem, but this is only a little annoying at the beginning. After a couple hours of playing this problem disappears.
It's also helpful to set option
After pressing BUILD jump to: next available planet

user#3742016-02-12 14:25:23
Would it be difficult to remove zero-production buildings from the auto-build list?

What about queuing build orders?

Adam2016-02-12 18:33:26
First of all - thank you for comment and suggestions. Answer below:

1. I don't want to skip zero production in automater! Why? This option is an easy way of playing for a very late game when your planets are over 100 levels and it's to boring to press "build" 50 times, and you actually don't care what building is next. In the late game you need all the levels for sacrifice - even zero production and over limited logistic buildings.
In the early game nobody should use this option! Having only few planets you should choose very carefully what to build next, depending of actual state of your resources storage.
But thank you for your suggestion. I'm gonna remove automater and add it to Options section as option for advanced players.
I also added guide for beginners - could be helpful and explanatory.

2. Yest I know! Queuing would be nice. But this one is very difficult to implement to the game. If only I'm thinking on how to write it my brain is exploding :)
Maybe in the future....


user#3742016-02-24 16:01:31
Lots and Lots of this i only posted the first couple of lines .

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Adam2016-02-24 16:37:34
I have seen it too, hope it was only temporary.
It's working fine now.

Thank you for reporting!

user#3742016-02-25 08:11:30
Why do I still have only 14 ships ? I have upgraded a couple of ship yards only to lvl 1 and the output is 1 and some ships have changed to blue but should it not increase my ship number by 1 ?

user#3742016-02-25 08:16:46
Everything is fine. You upgraded 4 shipyards to level 1 and you get 4 new ships.
Blue ships are produced by shipyards and green 10 ships are free for all starting users.

Every level of shipyard gives 1 extra ship (blue).

user#3742016-02-25 08:20:57
Ah OK I thought I was getting a new greend one every time I built a planet . thanks for the quick reply

user#3742016-02-29 00:29:17
Stop research option ? I was playing on a 3 inch phone screen at work and accidentally clicked on astrology research when I have already maxed it out at 10% now I can not research anything for over 67 hours. Unless some kind person donates me a finish research artifact or my ships find one.... If the option is made available I would be prepared to lose all resource,s that I put into the research.

Adam2016-02-29 06:54:21
Ok. I'll add this today - you're right - quite useful option.
I gave you artefact so you can finish it now.

user#3742016-03-01 00:27:27
Have you ever pressed the use all of this type artifact button ? Its ok for most artifacts but It could be really nasty if someone stores loads of finish actual research.

Adam2016-03-01 06:35:08
Yes - "finish actual research" is the only artefact where pressing auto-use button doesn't have any sense.
At first there was no auto-use link next to this art but I decided to place it again because someone can work at the "Artefact or Artifact" task and could want to use all these artefacts despite of absolutely no effect, but add task counter.

user#3742016-03-02 12:48:38
Small UI issue: The Moon menu says "Ready" when all moons are finished forming, even if they are all 50/50 and no further forming can currently be done.

Adam2016-03-02 13:28:55
I'll fix it in next update, but what do you suggest to write there in this case: "none", "finished" or just leave it blank?

user#3742016-03-02 13:43:57
Hmm, not sure. Planets say "Finished" I think, so it would be consistent if it said that. Or perhaps just a dark grey number indicating how many you have?

If using a text label, I'd leave off the green highlight since no action is required.

user#3742016-03-04 14:17:42
The result looks nice!

user#3742016-12-21 17:06:28
What about the option to rename planets? It's pretty silly for most but it would add a bit of flavour i think .

user#3742017-03-14 12:12:42
I would love a button next to the building in progress that would finish the building using an artifact or in stead of the build button to have a Build Instantly using artifact :)

Adam2017-03-14 14:51:21
But this artefact doesn't work like this.
Artefact #3 finish random building not the specified one.
Also artefacts #6 and #7 level up random buildings.

user#3742017-05-30 15:31:58
The timer tab says Players instead of planets ..
Minor detail ;)

I take it back .. it was because i was on players tab ;)

user#3742017-06-06 22:38:07
I love that you can choose between so many backgrounds ..

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